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Pal Putih Jogja Monument, The Restless Popular Tourism Object in Jogja

What do you know about Jogja? You might refer to one of its iconic landmark, Pal Putih Monument. Pal Putih of Jogja Monument, previously called “Tugu Golong Gilig” appears as one of the most famous symbols of the city.
Why Tugu Jogja becomes so necessary? Tugu Jogja has profound meaning to Jogja people in which so many historical records of Yogyakarta are kept. This three centuries-old tower was built a year after the Yogyakarta Kingdom firstly constructed and it had been renovated several times.

This monument is a symbolic value and is believed as a magical line connecting southern ocean, Jogja Palace, and Mount Merapi. Those three areas are significant for Jogja people for being sacred.

Nowadays, Jogja Monument becomes so famous as Jogja tourism object. It offers spectacular sight, especially at night.

Cokrodiningratan, Jetis Regency, Yogyakarta City, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55233.

For you to know, Tugu Jogja is located right in the center of an intersection of Mangkubumi Street, Diponegoro, and AM. Sangaji Roads. At noon you will find this place as a healthy and busy street. So, be careful with the traffic when visiting this place.

About the facilities, Jogja Monument offers:

  1. Spacious park,
  2. Food stalls
  3. Cafes
  4. Bench.
Especially at night, there are many of what they call as Angkringan, places where you can eat traditional Javanese delicious meals. Don't forget to try Nasi Kucing. They are worth it to taste.

Open Hours and Entrance fee
Tugu Jogja is available 24 hours, every day. But the best time to visit this beautiful tourism spot is between 05.00 am to 06.00 am and at night (from 06.00 pm to midnight).

No entrance fee is needed to access this place. However, if you come here by vehicle, you should pay from IDR 2000 – IDR 5000 for the parking fee.

Tugu Jogja is the most excellent place for you who like to take selfies. So, don’t be amazed if you see lots of people around the pose and create individual posts capturing the tower anytime.